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A national committee comprised of the NA regions in Canada.

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Freedom begins when you work the program.

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Contributing to the CANA Vision

In NA there is a familiar word "WE". No individual nor any service committee is encouraged to do it alone. The WE of the program encompasses so much more than personal recovery, including the spirit of the 7th Tradition.

To achieve our vision, as directed by the Canadian fellowship through strategic planning and discussions, we deploy many Work Groups and Trusted Servants. All of our tasks are equally important to accomplish our goal of carrying the message to the addict who still suffers. In order to realize our vision we need both human and financial resources.

Where Do Our Resources Go?

You can explore all of our current projects by reading the Strategic Plan

Below is a list of our funded services.

Ongoing Routine Services:
  • National Toll Free Phoneline
  • National Website
  • National Convention - CCNA
  • CANA/ACNA Information Booth at CCNA
  • Local Workshop at CCNA
  • CANA/ACNA Video
  • French Translations
  • CANA/ACNA Newsletter
  • CANA/ACNA Pamphlet
  • Attendance at Professional Events
  • Membership Email Distribution List
  • Scanning Surveys for fellowship
  • Offer Attendance for Regions of CANA/ACNA
  • National Public Service Announcement Campaigns (French and English)
  • First Nations Translations
  • Strategic Plan Projects for 2024:
  • PR Through Social Media
  • French PSA
  • National Professional Development
  • Improve CANA/ACNA Website
  • Re-evaluate CCNA processes
  • Approach former trusted servants to work on projects
  • Communicate, engage, and encourage involvement in workgroup projects for members at large
  • Follow Up with Contacts
  • Translations of James Bay Cree, and Blackfoot
  • PR to Northern Treatment Centres

  • We ask members to consider financially assisting our service bodies including Groups, Areas, Regions, Canadian Assembly and NA World Services.

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